Aquamist handles RPZ Backflow Preventer Testing daily. Illinois and Indiana state law require that all backflow devices are inspected annually.

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The plumbers of Aquamist are RPZ backflow preventer specialists providing inspection, installation, repair, and certification of all types of backflow devices ranging from 1/4″ to 12″. Let Aquamist safeguard your drinking water from contamination by testing and certifying you backflow device in compliance with local and state laws.

RPZ Backflow Preventer Testing

Backflow services Aquamist can offer:

  • Installation of backflow prevention devices.
  • Test and certification of existing backflow devices.
  • Cleaning the valve is a normal part of test
  • Aquamist will send all necessary reports directly to your municipality for you.
  • Remind our customers annually of their next annual test date
  • Guaranteed compliance with state, local, and EPA laws.
  • Skilled and professional backflow testers.

The Commercial Plumbing Division covers all of Chicagoland, along with Northwest Indiana. Aquamist Plumbers are proud to be members of Chicago Journeymen Plumbers Local #130 and Indiana Plumbers Local #210. We also take pride in being signatory with Local #150, the Operating Engineers. With a thorough estimating department, we guarantee the most accurate and reasonable price for your commercial project.

Aquamist I.E.P.A Certified Testers:

  • Richard Tabloff – XC1002
  • Doug Griffith – XC3602

Different size RPZ’s and Check Valves are rated at different prices.

Please contact our office for current rates. Information on the size would be helpful.

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